Details of Smiths (Glos) Plume Plotter

This page should be read in conjunction with How Plume Plotter Works. It provides more details specific to the Smiths (Glos) version of Plume Plotter.

Stacks and buildings

Building measurements are taken from drawings including [3]. This image shows the layout of the stack and buildings modelled:

Stack measurements

All of these are taken from [1] and [2], except stack location which is not stated but was deduced from the building plans and aerial photos:

The following values are used for albedo, Bowen ratio and roughness length. These are not specified in [1] or [2], but the roughness length was taken from the planning application for the Gloucestershire (Javelin Park) incinerator:


The emission rates of pollutants are taken from [1] and [2]:

PollutantEmission rate
per second
Oxides of nitrogen595 mg
Particulates85 mg
Sulphur dioxide425 mg
Carbon monoxide425 mg
Hydrogen chloride85 mg
Hydrogen flouride8.5 mg
Cadmium and thallium425 μg
Mercury425 μg
Other metals4.25 mg
Ammonia42.5 mg
TOC85 mg
PAHs8.5 μg
PCBs42.5 μg
Dioxins and furans850 pg

Background levels

The background levels of pollutants are as used for the Gloucestershire (Javelin Park) incinerator. These are:

concentration per m3
Oxides of nitrogen15.3 μg
Particulates15.4 μg
Sulphur dioxide2.6 μg
Carbon monoxide324 μg
Hydrogen chloride2.35 μg
Hydrogen flouride560 ng
Cadmium and thallium430 pg
Mercury30 pg
Other metals20.75 ng
Ammonia2.6 μg
TOC500 ng
PAHs210 pg
Dioxins and furans44.1 fg

Weather data

Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure, and solar radiation are the latest values reported by one of two weather stations. If a value is not available from the primary weather station it is obtained from the secondary weather station. (Some weather stations do not measure solar radiation at all.) The primary weather station is IGLOUCES43 and the secondary weather station is IGLOUCES6.

Upper air data is the latest reported by the Nottingham upper air station.


1. Resource Recovery Centre at Moreton Valence Gloucestershire - Environmental Statement: Chapter 2 - Air Quality. Entran. May 2017.

2. Energy from Waste Facility Gloucester - Air Quality Assessment. Entran. January 2017.

3. Energy Recovery Facility - Proposed Roof Plan. January 2017.