South London incinerator plume at 19:50 on Thu, 15 Nov 2018
Estimated concentration of oxides of nitrogen (μg/m3):

The London Acorn School2.6
Poplar Primary School2
Park Community School1.9
Merton Park Primary School1.9
Cranmer Primary School1.8
Rutlish School1.8
Wimbledon Chase Primary School1.6
The Norwegian School and Kindergarten1.4
Donhead Preparatory School1.4
Ursuline Preparatory School1.4
Melrose School1.4
Benedict Primary School1.4
Ursuline High School1.4
Dundonald Primary School1.3
Wimbledon Common Preparatory School1.3
Wimbledon College1.3
Crooked Billet1.3
Joseph Hood Primary School1.2
King's College School1.2
Copse Hill1.1
Hollymount School1.1
The Rowans School1.1
Perseid School1.1
Haslemere Primary School0.9
St Peter and Paul Primary School0.9
The Study Preparatory School0.9
Kingston Vale0.8
Cricket Green School0.8
Pelham Primary School0.8
Face Youth Therapeutic School0.8
Wimbledon High School0.7
Cottenham Park0.7
Abbotsbury Primary School0.7
St Mary's Primary School0.7
St Matthew's Primary School0.7
Merton Abbey Primary School0.6
Hillcross Primary School0.5
Hall School Wimbledon0.5
Harris Academy Morden0.5
Date Valley School0.4
Willington School0.4
South Wimbledon0.4
Raynes Park0.4
Cole Park0.4
Putney Vale0.4
St Margarets0.4
Bushey Mead0.4
West Wimbledon Primary School0.4
Strawberry Hill0.3
Spring Grove0.3
Kingston Upon Thames0.3
Raynes Park High School0.3
Heathmere Primary School0.2
The Alton School0.2
Ibstock Place School0.2
Holy Trinity Primary School0.2
Brentford End0.2
Bishop Gilpin Primary School0.2

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